Changes and kids. Did your approach change?!


XXI century-time of rapid technologies. Everything has a speed. Tabloids are screaming: “Faster, higher, better”.  We barely can imagine a day without a gadget with high-speed internet. Now we can be aware what’s happening in each and every corner of the world. At once and with only one gadget. Changes, changes and changes.

We can talk to our family and friends wherever they are, all over the world. We are more likely to spend more and more time being online rather than meeting them face-to-face. Changes, changes and changes. Everything is excelling and everywhere. So it does happen with our kids too. You might probably notice that in different ways. And, here is the thing.

12 years ago I had a chance to see my small siblings appearance to the earth and stages of development. In a couple of years, I witnessed my cousin’s stages of growth and to some point it was different. Apart of his physical development, mentally he was more sensitive and much older than average kid five years ago.

1:00 am, year 2017. I’ve got a message from my school teacher on retirement. She is not sleeping because her grandson who is 4 years old doing his homework. He goes to some additional courses where he has some textbooks with tracing letters and he is just keep saying “We mustn’t loose the time and we must finish everything in time or before hand”. Oh let me remind you, 4 years old. He feels the time far deeper than many adults’ do.

For a few days, one of our most talkative students was weirdly passive and silent. He is one of the students who always has been willing to share his thoughts and experiences, which, if you ever faced this kind of situations, is very strange. And today when we had a sharing time, teachers asked him to say something. In a shy way, he stood up and for the first time shared “I was not sitting and mammy shouted at me. And when I sat mammy became happy.” You must see that face of the baby full of sadness.

Being such a tiny creature, he is just a genius, his vocabulary is outstanding. He knows and notices far more than many adults do. He even chooses his own clothes to wear, when he is going out.  But at that moment, I was feeling so bad for him and I wanted to hug him. His tiny heart feels far deeper than many adults’ do.

Apparently, kids are changing. But did your approach to the kids radically change within these years?!

“…Nowadays, every two years generation gap happens, kids will have grown up in completely different media environments”.



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